Nights of Ramadan in Dubai

With the sighting of the moon of Ramadan every year, we are touched by the many events and activities that seek to emphasize the spirituality of the holy month, and initiatives that have become associated with the month of the Quran, blessings and peace. Ramadan graces us with the splendor of its days, and gives us through its night’s acts of obedience and the splendor of worship.

Dubai, which has always kept pace with the scene, is at its most outstanding during this month, through a variety of activities and events that enrich the nights and days of Ramadan. First and foremost ‘The Ramadan Forum’, which is this year in its thirteenth session, continuing the same approach initiated in spreading the true knowledge and great guidance of the Creator, all of this creating a sense of rich understanding and faithful meanings.

This all possible by the unlimited support and generous hands of a dignified forerunner in good works and virtues His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, may Allah protect him, who was and still is, the greatest impact in promoting this faith uplifting event.

The Ramadan Forum, now in its 13th year, has by the grace of Allah has become a milestone and shining lamp illuminating the nights of Ramadan in Dubai, longed for by everyone to benefit the most and improve their religious awareness and faith. It has become a welcome breeze that we feel every year, quenching the thirst of our hearts and souls with its faith reviving programs.

The forum has gained a solid strong presence and recognition in promoting religious awareness and bringing many notable speakers of Islam from all parts of the Islamic world.

I would also like to thank the organizing committee who made commendable efforts in the success of this great festival of faith, and to all those who contributed to the development of this event over the years.

With this I on behalf of all those at ‘The Ramadan Forum’ and on behalf of myself renew my gratitude and the gratitude of all to His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, for his unlimited effort and time to the improvement of our country in general, and this event in particular.

Congratulations are also due to their Highnesses the Rulers of the Emirates, led by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, may Allah protect him, and to all residents of the United Arab Emirates, locals and expatriates living in the UAE the land of peace, love and brotherhood.

His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Mohamed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Chairman of the Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation

The Ramadan Forum with you in goodness and charity

Ramadan is here again and our souls yearn and look forward and to the nights of faith, encompassed in obedience and shining with goodness. This month of blessings is here and Dubai continues on its firm and victorious path by the permission of the Lord most High and then by the wise leadership His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum , Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai.

Ramadan is here again and our souls yearn and look forward and to the nights of faith, encompassed in obedience and shining with goodness. This month of blessings is here and Dubai continues on its firm and victorious path by the permission of the Lord most High and then by the wise leadership His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum , Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai.

Year after year, we meet with you all at the crossroads of Dubai Ramadan, a forum that is held in the holy month of Ramadan every year, and brings us together always in faith and love in the goodness of Dubai. The forum, which has become a characteristic feature of the nights of Ramadan has been blessed over twelve years, and again in this year's edition.

The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing in Dubai congratulates all on the holy month of Ramadan, and as the organizer of this event go to you wishing you best wishes , the Ramadan Forum that always gathers us together in righteousness and piety through his lectures and events.

As promised to implement renewal and development, it gives me great pleasure to note new landmarks have been developed in the forum this year, including:

- Increasing the number of non Arabic lectures.
- Live instant translation of the Arabic lectures into English.
- The establishment of evening and Taraweeh prayers in Zabeel Hall during the event.
- Add a new tent for breakfast accommodate 30 000 fasting during the holy month.
- An exhibition of scientific miracles in the Quran, and other events.

We give thanks to His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum for his patronage for the Ramadan Forum which has been a great success, we also thank all government departments and institutions and the private sector in Dubai for their fruitful cooperation in the success of this event. I ask that Allah blesses your holy month of Ramadan, and I pray to Allah Almighty to protect our country and our elders, the that the UAE remains an oasis of safety and security, peace and a beacon of Islam.

Helal Saeed Al Marri
Director General of Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing


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Event Summary

Event Venue

Event Name



Morning and Evening

A bus that distributes promotional and awareness material

Various areas in Dubai including Government departments, shopping malls and public transport

The Convoy of Goodness and Publicity Campaign

18th June – 14 July



A15 hours "free" training course offered over 3 days to the audience of The Ramadan Forum. The course aims to build a conscious and coherent family in these modern changing times and is targeted for parents and workers in the field of social reform. Pre-registration is required through the Ramadan Forum site

Dubai World Trade Centre

Al Ain Hall (A) - Male

Al Ain Hall (b) - Female

Strategic Family Building Training Course

19th – 21st June


25th – 27th June


9 – 10pm

The performing of the Isha and Taraweeh prayers

Dubai World Trade Centre

Zaabeel Hall

Isha and Taraweeh prayer

3 – 14th July



A giant tent set-up to provide food and drink daily to more than 3000 workersThis year an additional tent has been added to provide for up to another 1,000 people. Daily quizzes and lectures in different languages.

Muhaisanah 2 Labour Camp and Hor Al Anz 2

Group Iftaar

1st to 30th Ramadan

28th June to 27th July


10:30pm - Midnight

Lectures given by selection of esteemed scholars from the Arab world. This year with Live English translation

Dubai World Trade Centre

Zaabeel Hall

Arabic Lectures Program

3rd – 7th July

And 14th July Closing Ceremony


10:30pm - Midnight

This area provides targeted educational and recreational programs and activities to keep the children busy while the parents enjoy and benefit from the uplifting and motivating lectures.

Dubai World Trade Centre

Zaabeel Hall

Children’s Hall

3 – 14th July


10:30pm - Midnight

Free gift-bags of educational material distributed to the audience that can be presented to non-Muslims. The idea behind the Zone is to make it easier for anyone to provide their Non Muslim colleagues, neighbors and others with the message of the noble religion of Islam.

Dubai World Trade Centre

Zaabeel Hall

Be A Preacher Zone

3 – 14th July


10:30pm - Midnight

Lectures given by well known and renowned preachers and speakers in: English, Tagalog, Urdu, Malayalam and Bengali

Dubai World Trade Centre

Zaabeel Hall

Other Languages Program

8th – 13th July



A program designed to introduce Non Muslims to the spirit of the blessed month of Ramadan in the form of a presentation followed by a traditional iftaar dinner. Held in the Dubai World Trade Centre, to attend one must register via the Ramadan Forum website.

Dubai World Trade Centre

Iftaar Experience for Non Muslims

3 – 14th July


10:20pm - Midnight

The Ramadan Forum organizes this competition to discover and nurture talented youth ages 6 to 11 so they may become future preachers in the mosques of UAE. The best Preacher and Poet is chosen by the Judging committee and awarded at the closing ceremony. This year competition hosts for the first time a new addition of English Language Sermons.

Dubai World Trade Centre

Zaabeel Hall

Preacher of the Nation Competition

3 – 14th July


Zaabeel Hall

10pm – Midnight

Muhaisnah 2


Free Health checks for the audience by leading hospitals and clinics as well as awareness conducted in the Children area

Dubai World Trade Centre

Zaabeel Hall

And Muhaisnah 2

Health of the Fasting awareness campaign

3 – 14th July



A team from the organizing committee along with some Scholars and preachers conduct field visits to hospitals, visiting patients of all ages, leaving a good effect and feelings in the hearts of patients

Dubai Hospitals

Visiting the Sick

3 – 14th July


10pm - Midnight

The exhibition displays expressive posters containing verses of scientific miracles in the Qur'an, linked with the discoveries of contemporary Science where applicable. There is an English translation of the presentations as well as animated displays.

Dubai World Trade Centre

Zaabeel Hall

Exhibition of Scientific Miracles in the Holy Quran

3 – 14th July


Twelve episodes to broadcast on Noor Dubai television channel about the scientific miracles in the Qur'an By Sheikh Dr Abdullah Al Musleh under the auspices of the Ramadan Forum during the event

Noor Dubai TV

Scientific Miracles in the Quran and Sunnah TV Program

3 – 14th July


11:45pm - Midnight

Valuable prizes such as the ‘Ramadan Forum Umrah’, Samsung s5, and iPad Air.

Dubai World Trade Centre

Zaabeel Hall

Daily prize draws

3 – 14th July



Shaykh Moti ur-Rahman

Sheikh Moti ur-Rahman is from Malda, West Bengal, India.
He is a graduate of B.A (Hadith), from Islamic University, Al Madinah Munawwarah, KSA.
He can speak four languages Arabic, Bangla, Urdu and Hindi.

He is a well known preacher and teacher of Islam. He works in the field of teaching at Jamiat-ul- Imam al Bukhari, Kishanganj, Bihar, India.

Below are some of his Islamic contributions:
• In the field of Dawah, working more than 12 years.
• Translated 20 books.
• Authored many booklets and translated books in Bangla and Urdu.
• Has recorded more than 600 lectures.
• Contributed in the translation of the Noble Qur'an in Bangla, which was published in Kuwait.

Shaykh Hussain Salafi

Sheikh Hussain Salafi is a prominent scholar and Khateeb at masjid Al Aziz, based in Sharjah. He has been actively inviting people to Qur'an and Sunnah in a very simple and appealing manner, thus, guiding numerous people to the Prophetic inheritance of knowledge leading to correct Islamic path. Sheikh Hussain regularly appears in GCC and India continuously engaged in Islamic Da'wah to lead people with his deep grasp in different branches of knowledge. His Khuthuba and weekly lectures are attended by hundreds of thousands people in Sharjah for over two decades.

Dr. Zakir Naik

Dr. Zakir Naik was born in Mumbai, India on the 18th of October, 1965. He got his medical degree from the University of Mumbai but it is as an orator in Islam and Comparative Religions that he has become renowned all over the world. His inspiration was the late Muslim Scholar Sheikh Ahmed Deedat who died in 2005 in South Africa after suffering a stroke years earlier in 1996. Dr. Zakir Naik is a popular figure on various Satellite and other International TV channels all around the world and he answers questions from his audience about Islam using the Quran and authentic Hadith. He has learnt these by heart and each of his answers is validated by the exact number of the Sura as it appears in the Koran. His knowledge extends not only to the Bible and the old testament but also includes the Hindu holy books like the Mahabharata and the Bhagwat Gita.

Shaykh Wasiullah 'Abbas

The eminent Shaykh is a very prominent and famous scholar and lecturer in Saudi Arabia and the Subcontinent.

Shaykh Wasee-Ullaah’s ancestors are from a town close to the municipality of “Basti”, which falls under the district of “Basti” in the northern state of India, Uttar Pradesh.

He moved to Saudi Arabia and graduated in Islamic Studies from Bachelors to PHD. He is considered to be amongst the top scholars of our time and teaches daily in Masjid Al Haram, Makkah. He teaches both in Arabic and Urdu languages.

He has lectured and attended conferences internationally such as Jordan, India, and UK.
He was appointed as a consultant to the ‘Director General’ of the Affairs of the Grand Mosque in Makkah and the Prophet's Mosque in Al Madinah.

He has also written and verified many books.
Shaykh Zafar Hassan Al Madani

Zafar-ul-Hasan Ahmedullah was born in the year 1956. He hails from religious family comprising of eight members from Changhaipur (Padtabgadh), a small town in Uttar Pradesh, India. His father was a farmer and Quran teacher, use to attend lectures of Moulana Ahmedullah Padtabgadhi, Moulana Sanaullah Amratseri and others ulamas. Right from childhood Shaikh Zafar-ul-Hasan was interested in Islam and had a burning desire to call people to Islam when he grew up.

Omar Penalber

After accepting Islam in March 1988 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Omar who hails from The Philippines took to studying his newly embraced religion and to spreading the message of Islam amongst his follow Filipinos. In March 2007 he was one of the founders and Vice President of the ‘Islamic Studies, Call & Guidance of the Philippines (ISCAG) centre’. He travels to different places all over the Philippines, giving lectures about Islam in Public Places, such as Colleges and Universities, Military Camps, etc.

Nonilon (Nuh) Capariño

He has vast experience in calling people to Islam and spreading the true teaching of Islam to non-Muslims. He has worked at well know da'wah organizations both in Saudi Arabia and Philippines for many years. His objective is to convey the message of Islam to both Muslims and Non-Muslims, especially to the Filipinos.

Some of the work he does includes:
• Propagating Islam to non-Muslims
• Delivering Islamic lectures in various places; companies, hospitals, jails and different Islamic Centers all over the Kingdom.
• Leading Hajj and Umrah (Pilgrimage).
• Delivering lectures in various parts of the Philippines, at Universities and Colleges; Military camps; Philippine National Police Headquarters and Offices; Provincial and City Jails; Covered courts; Public Plaza; Family Gatherings and Reunions, Etc.
• Delivering Friday sermons in different mosques.
• Administering Aqeekah (Ceremony of a new-born baby).
• Conducting lectures at radio stations.
• Giving lectures to various walk-ins at ISCAG’s Office.
• Training the preachers.
• Conducting Seminars for the new Muslims.
• Conducting regular lectures to the tenants at ISCAG compound.

Wajdi Akkari

He was born in Lebanon and currently based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

When he turned 18, he moved to the United States as a student. He met a change in his life from the deviated lifestyle of a college student, that had led him to join a Buddhist group and a Rap group, while in the US.

It was during one Ramadaan when it was a time for reviving his soul and experiencing real Eemaan for the first time in his life. His life started to change slowly and he eventually met a brother studying at Al Madinah Islamic University, in KSA, thereby guiding him to the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allaah, may Allaah exalt his mention. The brother for Al Madinah would spend time with him and also teaching the basics of Islam and giving him all kinds of authentic Islamic books. Before he returned to Al Madinah after the summer vacation, he led Wajdi to a Masjid where Sheikh Abu Mujaahid Fareed Abdullaah, who graduated from Imam University in Riyadh, was the Imam. It is there where Wajdi first learned the sound Aqeedah, Fiqh, Traditional Arabic, and other Islaamic sciences.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Islaamic Studies with honors (Suma Cum Laude or A+) and presently holds weekly classes in Tafseer, Aqeedah, Da'wah, Arabic, along with delivering Fridays sermons in Arabic and English. He has been granted permission to deliver lectures in many hospitals in Jeddah.


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Young Preacher of the Nation

The Ramadan Forum organizes this competition to discover and nurture talented youth ages 6 to 11 so they may become future preachers in the mosques of UAE. The best Preacher and Poet is chosen by the Judging committee and awarded at the closing ceremony.


His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum visit to the 12th ramadan forum.

News Conference



Lectures given by well known and renowned preachers and speakers in different languages.

The Convoy of Goodness and Publicity Campaign

A bus that distributes promotional and awareness material

Group Iftaar Tent

A giant tent set-up to provide food and drink daily to workers. Daily quizzes and lectures in different languages.

Daily prize draws

Valuable prizes such as the ‘Ramadan Forum Umrah’, IPads...etc.

Children’s Tent

This area provides targeted educational and recreational programs and activities to keep the children busy while the parents enjoy and benefit from the uplifting and motivating lectures.


Health of the Fasting awareness campaign

Free Health checks for the audience by leading hospitals and clinics as well as awareness conducted in the Children area.



Al Maktab for Culture & Media
Strategic Sponsor
Al Maktab for Cultutre and Media is considered one of the organizations that supports modern cultural schools and theories, where all the achievements and distinction comes from the inheritance of ancient cultures and their heritage. Al Maktab is a key reference which draws many theories and futuristic studies for a promising and guaranteed tomorrow.

On the other hand, Al Maktab contributes largely to the ongoing new media observed in different countries, which translates into an unusual way of dealing with the media. Therefore, Al Maktab has an eye for any new orientations that arise in the world of modern media, where it is in line with the latest means that constantly change every year through advancement in presentation or taking a different approach when dealing with the most factual image that reveals the truth.

In addition, Al Maktab also concentrates on the technical media aspects (news, television, and other products) with high importance. Those aspects are highly thought of, which results in excellence during various events because of the high quality Al Maktab always has to offer.

All are results that were only fruitful because of the broad experience in those areas, not to mention the erudition and constant studies of the current market that changes from time to time.

Al Maktab also supports cultural and media related events in terms of sponsorship, counseling or logistical support.

"Nations are measured by its thinkers and creators, the greater the awareness of the people, the greater the progress and advancement, and thus an educated conscious creates a cultivated media platform."

The Saeed & Mohammed Al Naboodah Group
Strategic Sponsor
As one of the UAE’s leading brand names, the Saeed & Mohammed Al Naboodah Group consists of more than 20 companies, offering a diverse portfolio of services and products. The family owned business is run independently as well as in partnership with some of the world’s leading brands.

With more than 50 years of history, the Saeed & Mohammed Al Naboodah Group provides a broad and diverse range of products and services through its four core business sectors – construction, commercial, investments and real estate.

The Group is driven by its unrivalled commitment to its clients and its deep pride in taking part in the shaping of the region.

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority
Strategic Sponsor
Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) was formed on 1 January, 1992, by a decree issued by His Highness Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum to take over and merge the Dubai Electricity Company and the Dubai Water Department that had been operating independently for several years until then. Both these organisations were established in 1959 through the foresight and initiative of His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the late Ruler of Dubai, as government supported bodies with the objective of making available to the people of Dubai an adequate and reliable supply of electricity and water.

To date, DEWA has made considerable achievements ranking it as one of the best service utilities in the world. 2013 saw several accomplishments including the inauguration of M-Station, the UAE’s largest power and water desalination plant that has the production capacity of 2,060 megawatts (MW) of electricity and 140 million imperial gallons of desalinated water per day (MIGD). This followed the opening of DEWA’s Sustainable Building in Al Quoz, the largest government building in the world with a Platinum rating for green buildings from Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

In another strong accomplishment, HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, inaugurated in October 2013 the first 13MW project of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park, which uses photovoltaic technology. HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum also launched the second project, which will build a 100MW plant using the Independent Power Producer model. This has raised DEWA’s total production capacity to 9,656MW and 470 MIGD.

DEWA’s consumption also witnessed strong growth with electricity consumers growing by 4.44% from 624,445 in 2012 to 652,200 in 2013, and water consumers increased by 4.4% from 554,985 to 580,678 during the same period.

DEWA’s peak load grew by 3.3% from 6,637MW in 2012 to 6,857MW in 2013, and that the system requirements for electricity reached 37,478 GWh in 2013 compared to 36,299 GWh in 2012, a growth of 3.24%. Additionally, peak demand for water reached 296 MIGD compared to 285 million in 2012 (an increase of 3.85%).

In terms of benchmarking, DEWA outperformed the private sector and top European and American companies in efficiency and reliability, reducing the proportion of electricity wastage from 7.03 % to 3.46 % between 1998 and 2013. This rate compares to the US and UK, which recorded 6.28% and 7.7%, respectively.

Water losses fell from 42.5% to 10.4% between 1989 and 2013. DEWA achieved a rise in the rate of efficiency of electricity production from 2.52 % in 2007 to 26.9 % in 2013. Customer Minutes Lost dropped from 20.62 minutes to 5.62 between 2008 and 2013, compared to an average customer minutes lost in leading countries, which were over 15 minutes per year.

DEWA is committed to Excellence in its operations, having increased its efficiency and productivity to meet growing demands, which has seen electricity rates increase by 700% of and water by 600% between 1991 and 2013.

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) is actively contributing to develop Dubai into the smartest city in the world within the upcoming three years as part of the Smart Dubai Initiative. DEWA is undertaking three new smart initiatives. The first is installation and connection of the photovoltaic solar panels. The second initiative is to install Smart Meters and implement Smart Applications that will provide additional services to enhance the quality of life of Dubai’s citizens and residents, and promotes the use of smart resources to improve sustainability.

The third initiative is the implementation of an infrastructure of electric vehicle charging stations. These initiatives will strengthen the regional leading role of Dubai in energy sustainability.

Dubai Islamic Bank
Strategic Sponsor
Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB), established in 1975, is the first Islamic bank to have incorporated the principles of Islam in all its practices and is the largest Islamic bank in the UAE. DIB is a public joint stock company, and its shares are listed on the Dubai Financial Market. The bank enjoys a reputation as a leader and innovator in maintaining the quality, flexibility and accessibility of its products and services. The bank currently operates more than 86 branches in the UAE.

DIB has been proactive in creating partnerships and alliances at both the local and international level. The bank has established DIB Pakistan Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary which has a network of more than 100 branches across 36 major cities in Pakistan. DIB has also started operations in Jordan, with the establishment of Jordan Dubai Islamic Bank.

Alongside its accomplishments as a commercial organisation, DIB has always recognised its wider role in society. The bank supports the communities in which it operates through the DIB Foundation, a non-profit social, humanitarian and charitable organisation which distributes millions of dirhams to good causes at home and abroad each year.

For its contribution to both the banking industry and the wider community, DIB has earned the respect of its peers around the world. The bank’s leading position has been reaffirmed by more than 125 local, regional and international accolades that it has won since 2008. DIB has won awards across diversified areas, including retail, corporate and investment banking, as well as CSR and consultancy services. Recent recognition includes being named “Best Islamic Bank” and “Best Investment Bank” at the Banker Middle East Industry Awards, “Best Sukuk House” at the EMEA Finance Middle East Banking Awards, “Best Islamic Card” and “Best SME Card” at the Banker Middle East Product Awards, as well as being named as “Islamic Bank of the Year – UAE” and “Most Established Bank of the Year – UAE” at the 2014 Business Excellence Awards.

Strategic Sponsor
twofour54, the commercial arm of the Media Zone Authority-Abu Dhabi, is one of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region’s leading media and entertainment hubs. As part of its mission, twofour54 is driving the development of the creative industries in the region, supporting talent and content development initiatives, creativity and young entrepreneurs.

Its initiatives are contributing to the growth and diversity of the Abu Dhabi economy and its campus is home to over 300 local, regional and international companies, including Ubisoft, Cartoon Network, Sky News Arabia, CNN, BBC, Flash Entertainment, Sport 360, Reed Exhibitions, Charisma, Tahadi and Jawaker.
twofour54 provides a range of services including: training across all media sectors; business development and funding support to UAE nationals and other Arabs with great ideas; a creativity lab that allows members to get involved in creative projects; and it facilitates world-class content through its production and post-production facilities. These services are supported by tawasol, facilitating easy business set-up and providing ongoing support services.

twofour54 powers the Abu Dhabi Film Festival and Abu Dhabi Media Summit each year to drive the development of a vibrant film and entertainment industry.

Dubai Media Incorporation
Key Sponsor
Dubai Media Incorporated (DMI), one of the largest media organizations in the Middle East houses a group of media channels (press, radio and TV) that has achieved remarkable success throughout the Arab world and is renown for its creativity, integrity and professionalism as a media conglomerate.

Through a clear vision that focuses on innovation and quality, and working in line with the strategic objectives of the Government of Dubai, DMI seeks to lead with the organization’s distinctive Arabic and English media resources that represent original content while speaking to the social, cultural, and family values of the UAE.

The story does not end here: DMI has embarked on new forms of media with continuous development of new media services that are paralleled with relevant developments in the country and are aimed to create dialogue and connections between citizens of the UAE. DMI is committed to create a new Emirati media generation able to depict, portray and demonstrate the image of Dubai, and the UAE, by continuing to contribute to the formulation of media.

Key Sponsor
iPhoneIslam launched in 2007 as the first Arabic website specializing in Apple’s new-born iPhone, with the aim of introducing this revolutionary smartphone to Arab users. The main target of the website was, and still is, to enable the Arab users to make the best out of the phone and add Arabic-themed apps. iPhoneIslam has succeeded in the Arabization of iPhone even before Apple has, and also in imbedding an Arabic keypad. Since it realized that the applications are playing the most vital and essential part in making iPhone ahead of its time, iPhoneIslam was one of the first companies to have its own applications loaded at the Apple store. In fact, it has successfully introduced over 50 applications to the market. Furthermore, the company reached universal acclaim when it successfully converted iPad into a phone through the ‘PhoneItiPad’ application; an unprecedented achievement that made iPhoneIslam an unforgettable name among specialists. Now iPhoneIslam is the largest technical Arabic website owned by MIMV, located in Cairo-Egypt. Throughout its journey, the company has garnered many universal awards including:

Hadeel Global Award.
First Place Award in the Qatar University Competition.
Mobily Prize for Developers.
First Place Award in Wamda competition.
First Place Award in MobiPreneur Apps Competition.
Second runner up Award in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit competition.
Best android app on Samsung Entaliq computation.

Tamani Hotel Marina
Support Sponsor
In the Centre of Dubai, the leisure hotel has the distinction of being the leading family oriented all-suites hotel in Dubai. Located right in the heart of commercial business hub of Dubai Marina, it offers spacious and perfect suites for families and a haven of relaxing vacation trips. With spacious rooms, kids playing area, pool, well equipped gymnasium and the restaurant Nar and Hail, offering sumptuous delicacies all year round, the hotel is a perfect getaway for tourists.

Each of our 55 storey’s in our hotel evoke a unique breathe of the Palm and Marina Waters, symbolizing nothing but discrete luxury, making it a perfect choice for your vacation, gatherings or enjoying a leisure trip with your family as it located very near to JBR, Marina Walk, Mall of the Emirates, Ibn Batouta, and Marina Malls and a walking distance to Marina Metro Station.

Our warm, tranquil ambiance holds close to the uniqueness of Dubai’s local culture. Combined with the variety of services offered, it is easy to create your own unique, memorable experiences along with living in the Arabian hospitality.

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